Gordon Achievement Center

Is Your Child Just a Few Steps Away from Success?

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At Gordon Achievement Center we offer a variety of programs and services for students and their parents. Our goal is to teach students the needed skills so that they will be successful in school and throughout life, as well as to coach parents on "Ways to Win the Homework Battle."

By focusing on organization, time management, and study skills, students acquire something more fundamental than knowledge in a single discipline. They learn the key to success.


When students learn how to balance the demands of schoolwork, and extracurricular activities, they begin to feel better about themselves and develop self-confidence.


As students master organization, time management and study skills, they learn how to integrate them into their lives. Once these skills have been thoroughly integrated, they become part of a new behavior pattern. There is less stress at home and more time for family, friends and activities.

The Parent Component

Through personalized coaching sessions, parents learn how to best support their children's efforts. In addition, parents learn practical tools for more effective communication within the family unit. Parent involvement is an integral part of all the programs offered at Gordon Achievement Center.